Customize MyBB admin log for your own plugins

If you create your own plugins for MyBB, and use admin log system, you will see the message like this in Administrator Logs page:

config-adsmanager - add(1,FingerSports)

It work, and full of information, but not much pretty as you want, right? I have a way to theming this message. ; )


myBB Jump to Page

In myBB forum's system, it not easily to go to middle pages, if that thread have ton of pages because it don't have jump to page or go to page ability, but we can add it.

Go to AdminCP - Template & Style - Template - [THEME TEMPLATE] - Multipage Pagination Templates - multipage

Add these lines after {$prevpage}{$start}{$mppage}{$end}{$nextpage} before last </div> (or some where you want)