EntroPay Experience

I need to use Virtual Credit Card, so I ask my friend about this, and he recommend me about EntroPay, so I try to register my account in EntroPay website, I don't have any problem with their long process, they don't ask me about identify documents like other people got. after that I try to use EntroPay card in some website to buy something and it work, I feel good with it so much, and will recommend it to my friends too.

But in the next day, I try to use that card again, but this time, it failed, I don't know what wrong with it, so I try to login into EntroPay website but I got: Login Denied - Your account has been suspended.!!

I try to contact their customer supports and got answer:

I am sorry, but after careful consideration we have decided not to approve your account application and for this reason your account has been suspended.

I try to ask how to recover my account or what happen with my account, but I only got one answer: We decided not to approve your account application, so I asked them about my money in my account, and they tell me 'it will return to your founding source', that only a good news I got. (I hope that will be true)

After I lost my (last) hope, I read many websites about Why EntroPay suspended user's accounts but still don't know what wrong I do, lol.

Or... maybe... this is a Negative Advertisement like DecoreMyEyes? - Blognone - NYT

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